A custom website builder and website hosting platform for restaurants, with built in gift cards sales and online ordering.

  • Co-Founder
  • Product Designer
  • Branding
  • Web Design Director
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • HTML and CSS Developer
  • Corey Machanic
  • Holly Machanic
  • Ben Mills
  • Keith Rousseau
Project Detail 1/23

Recognized by Toast as one of the “Best Restaurant Website Builders”, and by Wix as one of the “7 best restaurant website builders on the market”, Flavor Plate® is a turnkey website builder and custom content management system that serves restaurants worldwide. It’s integrated online ordering platform and gift card shopping cart provide restaurants with a comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable platform for all of their website needs.

Project Detail 2/23
Flavor Plate logo skectch
New logo mark based on a table setting in the formation of an "F"
New logo lockup
Project Detail 3/23
Video (without audio) of Flavor Plate's homepage, featuring a montage of restaurant scenes.
Project Detail 4/23
Full page view of the Flavor Pate homepage
Project Detail 5/23
flavor plate homepage mobile
flavor plate navigation mobile

Fully responsive website platform accessible from any screen size.

Project Detail 6/23
features landing page
Project Detail 7/23
feature detail page
Project Detail 8/23

Circular, plate-like design elements communicate the serving of Flavor Plate’s features.

features landing page (mobile)
feature detail page (mobile)
Project Detail 9/23
Flavor Plate how it works overview
Flavor Plate design templates
Project Detail 10/23
Flavor Plate happy customers
Flavor Plate product comparison
Project Detail 11/23

A user centric set of features positions Flavor Plate with an ease-of-use competitive advantage.

Flavor Plate happy customers (mobile)
Flavor Plate product comparison (mobile)
Project Detail 12/23

Integrated Online Ordering Platform

Project Detail 13/23

Mobile optimized online ordering system that seamlessly integrates with Flavor Plate menus—requiring the management of only one set of menus.

Online ordering start screen (mobile)
Online ordering menu (mobile)
Project Detail 14/23
Online ordering menu item (mobile)
Online ordering order summary (mobile)

Flavor Plate customers can easily tack their order activity from their admin, push notifications, SMS and emails. They have the option to manually or automatically print orders directly to their kitchen via an integrated thermal printer.

Project Detail 15/23

Admin and Custom Content Management System

Flavor Plate dashboard overview
They have an amazing product and their customer service is impeccable. One of the greatest assets of the platform is the dashboard for admins, it is so easy to use and easy to train other managers so that website/menu edits do not just fall on one person. I can not speak highly enough about Flavor Plate.”
—Sara Schu, Hyatt Hotels
Project Detail 17/23

Admin dashboard provides a high-level view of sales, page-count, and website activity.

Flavor Plate dashboard overview (mobile)
Flavor Plate dashboard overview (mobile)
Project Detail 18/23
Flavor Plate pages and menus
Project Detail 19/23
Project Detail 20/23
Project Detail 21/23
Flavor Plate menu details
Flavor Plate menu item details

Flavor Plate customers can easily manage their menus and other website content while on the go from any device.

Project Detail 22/23

All Flavor Plate customer websites are designed and built on the Flavor Plate platform.

View A Sampling of Flavor Plate Websites

Project Detail 23/23
grid of smartphones