Corporate website design and data-driven Product Facts integration for Keurig Dr Pepper's family of brands.

  • Web Design Director
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Product Facts design and development in 2022
  • Designed and built in 2019

Keurig Dr Pepper’s (KDP) website was the result of an unprecedented 4-week sprint to design and develop a corporate website that represented the merging of two companies, Keurig and Dr Pepper. The primary objective was to quickly design and build a clean and simple foundation that would allow KDP to easily evolve their Web presence over time.

Three years later, I partnered with KDP and Publicis Sapient to extend their website, and position it as a centralized location for nutrition facts on all KDP products. Its clean, utilitarian UI borrows from many e-commerce design patterns, providing quick and easy access to nutrition labels, ingredients, claims and certifications, and much more.

Project Detail 2/15
Keurig Dr Pepper corporate website homepage
Project Detail 3/15

A fast, simple and beautiful design for a Fortune 500 company required a pragmatic approach.

Keurig Dr Pepper corporate website homepage (mobile)
Keurig Dr Pepper corporate website homepage call-outs (mobile)
Project Detail 4/15
Keurig Dr Pepper family of brands
Project Detail 5/15
Keurig Dr Pepper family of brands showing a logo with a rollover condition
Project Detail 6/15
Keurig Dr Pepper family of brands (mobile)
Keurig Dr Pepper family of brands grid of logos (mobile)

The Family of Brands displays the full breadth of the KDP product catalog, and allows for quick filtering via product categories.

Corey brings a multitude of digital skill sets to an organization looking to hire both strategy and execution. Moreover, he brings levity and maturity in these fast-paced Marketing and agency environments. From a skill set perspective, he provides tremendous value informing and setting digital strategy to stakeholders which transitions nicely into thoughtful Information Architecture and eventually design.”
—John Marcoe, Director, IT Digital & Commercial, Keurig Dr Pepper
Project Detail 8/15
Keurig Dr Pepper product facts homepage
Project Detail 9/15
product facts mobile homepage
product facts mobile homepage product categories

Clean, mobile optimized design focused on getting people quickly into product facts.

Project Detail 10/15
product listing page
Project Detail 11/15

Easily accessible and mobile optimized faceted browsing for over 500 products.

product listing page (mobile)mobile
product listing page filters (mobile)
Project Detail 12/15
ready-to-brew product detail page
Project Detail 13/15
ready-to-drink product detail page
Project Detail 14/15
product detail page (mobile)
product detail page (mobile)

Product highlights, nutrition facts and ingredients accessible from one view.

Project Detail 15/15
grid of smartphones