Custom e-commerce website design with a product configurator.

  • Web Design Director
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
  • Co-HTML and CSS Developer
  • Corey Machanic
  • Instrumart IT (Backend Development)
  • Instrumart Marketing
  • View Live Site
  • Redesigned and rebuilt in 2020
  • Redesigned and rebuilt in 2016
  • Designed and built in 2013
Project Detail 1/13

Instrumart’s custom designed and developed e-commerce shopping experience is tailored to the needs of their unique customer base. With an emphasis on search, and easy product navigation with advanced filtering, the streamlined experience helps customers quickly find the products they need. The simple, yet powerful, product configurator allows customers to build and customize products to their exact specifications, providing a robust and intuitive shopping experience.

Reengineered as a reusable “theme” across multiple sister businesses…

Project Detail 2/13
A grid of 4 computers with different themes of the same website template.
Project Detail 3/13
website homepage
Project Detail 4/13
website homepage (mobile)
website homepage featured products (mobile)

Navigation focused on search with an emphasis on "There’s an engineer behind everything we sell."

Instrumart has been a leader in our market space since we launched our first e-commerce website in 1998. For the past 12 years, Corey has been a trusted resource for us. His design work has scaled with the growth of the company, supporting sales growth over 50% and web usage growth of over 100% during the past 5 years.”
—Brian Leffler, President
Project Detail 6/13
product listing page
Product listing page
Project Detail 7/13
product listing page (mobile)
product listing page filters (mobile)

Infinite scroll on product listing page with robust faceted browsing.

Project Detail 8/13
Instrumart product detail page
Project Detail 9/13
website checkout
Shopping Cart
Project Detail 10/13
website checkout (mobile)

Video (without audio) of Instrumart's mobile checkout.

Project Detail 11/13
product configurator
Product configurator
Project Detail 12/13
product configurator (mobile)
product configurator details (mobile)

Product configuration scalable to unlimited options.

Project Detail 13/13
grid of smartphones