Website design focused on preserved land, services and rich storytelling—featuring a component-based design system built on WordPress.

  • Web Design Director
  • Information Architect
  • UX Designer
  • UI Designer
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The Vermont Land Trust’s website redesign project is a digital transformation that merges creativity, functionality, and technology to showcase their mission of conserving land for future generations. The redesign included a rebrand by Solidarity of Unbridled Labour that reflects the trust’s values and preserves the essence of the Vermont culture.

Project Detail 2/12
Video (without audio) showing a series of animated photos masked within a silhouette—each communicating the relationship between land and life.
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Vermont Land Trust homepage
[Corey and I] worked together on three different web rebuilds across three different brands and two different organizations. Not only is he highly skilled technically and design-wise, he is all-in when it comes to partnership and creating a product that best serves the client. He becomes a full part of the team and cares as much about the quality and impact of the work as I do. He's plainspoken, clear, creative, funny, and easy to work with. That combination is hard to find!”
—Abby White, Vice President of Engagement, Vermont Land Trust
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explore landing page
featured property template
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website land map with plotted points
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selected land details
Project Detail 8/12

A new interactive map is the centerpiece of the redesign, allowing visitors to explore the trust's extensive network of protected properties and recreational lands throughout Vermont.

website land map with plotted points - mobile
selected land details - mobile
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how we help landing page
how we help detail page
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The Vermont Land Trust is an organization of many parts without a single-point of contact (i.e., a front desk or an operator). Its team members manage a variety of services for a variety of constituents throughout the state, and finding the right person to contact can be challenging. To solve this, we developed a data driven solution based on three simple questions that maps users to the right point-of-contact. Links to this feature can be strategically placed throughout the site via WordPress shortcodes.

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VLT contact us (mobile)
VLT contact wizard (mobile)

Contact wizard optimized for mobile use.

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mobile design screens