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The majority of my logo work is for fun, favors, and personal use only. On occasion, I’ll design a logo for a client, but we prefer to stay in our Web design and development lane, and leave the logo design and branding to those that practice it on a regular basis.

Project Detail 2/21
Flavor Plate logo grid
Flavor Plate logo
Filtration World logo v2
Filtration World logo v1
Windward Building Company logo concept v1
Windward Building Company logo concept v2
Epic Electric logo concept v1
Epic Electric logo concept v2
The Game Studio logo
Trinity Pharma Solutions logo
The Loop Company logo
Liv Lax Logo
Little Circle of Thanks logo
Code monkey illustration
Nature's Eye Studio logo
Champion - For Who You Are icon
Project Detail 3/21

Hunger Free Vermont

Benefit poster designed in 2014

Hunger Free Vermont benefit poster
Project Detail 4/21

Happy Holidays

happy holidays
Bauhaus inspired holiday card designed in 2021
Project Detail 5/21

State of Vermont

Story telling Flash™ microsite designed developed for the State of Vermont in 2011. Hired by Spark Advertising Agency.

This is Vermont microsite homepage
Project Detail 6/21
This is Vermont microsite story page
Project Detail 7/21

Proof of concept for new branding UI. homepage
Project Detail 8/21 mobile screens
Project Detail 9/21 data table
Project Detail 10/21

Shyft Analytics

Responsive website design, and content management system development in 2015.

Shyft homepage
Project Detail 11/21
Shyft product detail
Project Detail 12/21
Shyft mobile screens
Project Detail 13/21
Shyft icons
Project Detail 14/21


Art direction and design for Playbill’s Memory Bank website in 2013.

Playbill Memory Bank homepage
Project Detail 15/21

Art direction and design for Playbill’s Create Your Own Playbill in 2012.

Project Detail 16/21
Create Your Own Playbill
Project Detail 17/21


Art direction and design for Gillette’s Fusion Power razor in 2008. Hired by RDVO.

Gillette Fusion razor microsite homepage
Project Detail 18/21
Gillette Fusion razor microsite product detail
Project Detail 19/21

Art direction, design and Flash™ development for Gillette Young Guns website in 2007. Hired by RDVO.

Gillette Young Guns microsite homepage
Project Detail 20/21
Gillette Young Guns microsite driver detail page
Project Detail 21/21
Gillette Young Guns microsite driver detail page with timeline